I felt uncomfortable completing the Namira quest in Skyrim, but I couldn’t bring myself to intentionally fail the quest either.

Though the weird thing is that I have no problems gorging on corpses for the sake of getting werewolf perks - so why was I so apprehensive about completing this one quest?

Tom told me to watch Cowboy Bebop a long while back but I didn’t decide to sit down and get to it till this last week, just finished the last episode off today.

It was actually really good, definitely worth the watch. The ending was actually pretty satisfying, though bittersweet. The underlying themes of the show had me pausing for thought on some occasions too. And I didn’t even realize that all the action sequences were set and timed to music until the end, which is a pretty cool thing.

Stayfocused keeps resetting itself and all its settings so…I’m going to look for an alternative. 

So I played “The Stanley Parable” today. Got all the endings except for the one ending that requires me to press a button for 4 hours straight (seriously who has the time for that).

It’s not much for replay value but it was a great experience nonetheless, and the narration really made it for me.

EDIT: And it is definitely worth playing. Don’t even look it up or something to spoil it for yourself. Download the demo, try that. Then play the full thing.

Just watched “The Amazing Scew-On Head” pilot. It’s a shame that the full show was never pursued, though it’s kind of funny that it was a one-shot comic and there’s only a single episode.

Guess it’s just one of those one-time kinda things that just happen and that’s it.

This is just part one, by the way, you can find the remaining parts on Youtube pretty easily.

I hope this is still around in 10 years when I won’t be a poor student anymore.

And here I thought this was going to be easy…


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I know this feeling, boy can I relate. I don’t even think visiting Chris or you this semester is going to happen at all.

At least I get to spend lots of time with my family though! 

Makes me kinda sad when the first message I get in weeks or months or whatever is just a spambot.