Tom told me to watch Cowboy Bebop a long while back but I didn’t decide to sit down and get to it till this last week, just finished the last episode off today.

It was actually really good, definitely worth the watch. The ending was actually pretty satisfying, though bittersweet. The underlying themes of the show had me pausing for thought on some occasions too. And I didn’t even realize that all the action sequences were set and timed to music until the end, which is a pretty cool thing.

So in one of my lab classes the TA was playing music in the background while we worked, he was playing music from a “Zombie Apocalypse” playlist that we all think some other TA or professor made because we had no idea where it came from.

One of the songs that came up sounded very familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on where I’d heard it before…so I decided to look it up when I got home but the lyrics were hard to decipher and “zombie” isn’t nearly specific enough to find a song.

So I gave it my best shot anyway:


Found it.

Machinarium - Mr. Handagote

And towards the end it fades to this.



can we talk about how fucking stunning this song is 

solvet saeclum in favilla
dies irae, dies illa

(via wizardmoon)

Sleep - Eric Whitacre

Porco Rosso - Joe Hisaishi

(Source: fororchestra)






Don’t ever tell me something is impossible to play.

The most ungodly and horrifying sound on earth: Circus Galop.

Five recordings and one of me, as well as two automation clips and three days to complete this. I think I need a break.



I —

this is seriously terrifying to me. terrifying.